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'Amici del Caminetto'

Agriturismo Rupestr - reg. Piancanelli - 14053 Canelli

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To all Agritourism   e  Friends

The non profit Association 'Amici del Caminetto', (meaning 'Friends of the Fireplace' funded by the chef-patron Giorgio Cirio, owner of 'Rupestr' an Agritourism located at Canelli (Asti), aims to celebrate  the fireplace, as a meeting point, able to preserve traditions, such as the 'good old things' of country life, local cuisine, wine and the genuine products of nature, art and culture. GIORGIO RADICATI, ITALIAN CONSUL IN NEW YORK

A human-paced life style, a revival of old wisdom and common sense.

'The Association will give prizes and acknowledgements to those members and supporters who are achievers in the eco-tourism, food & wine and cultural sectors. Moreover it will promote humanitarian initiatives.

The Association will provide his members with:  information, norms & regulations, initiatives, meaningful and innovative experiences in the ecotourism sector in Italy and abroad (through the Internet Guide and in paper form).



Membership qualifies you to:

  • publish your details on the Internet Guide 'Amici del Caminetto' (featuring useful news and initiatives) comprising of: name and surname, address, telephone number, fax, your website URL, email;

  • receive the paper version of 'Amici del Caminetto' Guide ;

  • partecipate, through the Association, to the food & wine and cultural Fairs and Events, nationally and internationally;

  • partecipate to 'The Day of the Woods' an itinerant yearly event organised by the Association in various Italian districts; to organise and to consult for Theme Evenings.

The yearly association fee for 'Amici del Caminetto'  is EURO 26 for individuals and EURO 52 for businesses.

Membership is acquired by depositing the appropriate fee on the A/C 241410, Bank Cassa di Risparmio di Asti - Canelli Branch (Asti), holder 'Amici del Caminetto' and by sending the membership form compiled in full by fax (0141 824 799) or o by ordinary mail to: Giorgio Cirio, Agriturismo 'Rupestr'- reg. Pian Canelli n. 12 - 14053 Canelli (Asti) - tel & fax 0141 824 799, or by contacting the Association

To feature in the 'Amici del Caminetto' Internet Guide or in its paper version, please phone 0347 324 4300 o write to



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'Amici del Caminetto'

Membership Form

'Amici del Caminetto'

Membership Form

'I believe in the beauty and in the
superb quality
of the products of this land
between Langa and Monferrato.
Thus I created 'Rupestr'