Agriturist Rupestr

                               chef-patron Giorgio Cirio

Canelli (Asti) reg. Piancanelli, 12
tel & fax 0141 824 799 - tel 0141 832 670



Rupestr's gems

Dolcetto d' Asti 'DOC'


A ruby colour red wine, which is lighter if the grapes are grown in sandy soil and deeper, reaching an almost garnet shade if grown in clay soil. Its perfume is subtle and its flavour dry and vinous, with a delicate and elegant bitter aftertaste. Dolcetto is a superior table wine, excellent with white and red meat and noble poultry, served at a temperature of 16-18.

Moscato d'Asti 'DOC'


A sweet white wine, with a bright golden yellow colour, reaching more or less intense hues according to place and time of harvest. Its perfume is deliciously persistent, very fruity with underwood notes. Its balanced flavour is sweet and earnest. Moscato is a particularly suitable wine for dessert or snack time, ideal to serve with fruit and, above all, with typical cakes and biscuits, impeccable with maize and hazelnut pastry. Serve at a temperature of 11-14.

To book phone or fax 0141 824 799 or phone 0141 832 670

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The Flavours of Memory

Rupestr's gems

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'I believe in the beauty and in the

superb quality

of the products of this land

between Langa and Monferrato.

Thus I created 'Rupestr'


Discovering the World of Rupestr, amongst rolling hills, where Langhe and Monferrato meet, will be a fantastic opportunity to experience
'The Flavours of Memory'   and to create
'A Memory of Flavours'.